Vivica Fox Sex Tape Link here.


Vivica Fox

There were rumors that Vivica Fox had been caught in a sex tape. Her boyfriend made it while she was not fully aware that he had been taping her act. Vivica has denied that this was true. Her manager, Lita Richardson, said that it was not true but could not refer to which part of the media write-ups that were not true.

The Atlanta Police spokesman, James Polite, told a news agency that they did not receive any formal complaint from Vivica Fox. The spokesman, James Polite said that if the sex act was consensual, it was not a crime. If the boyfriend made an extortion or blackmail, then there would be criminal activity.

The sex tape link is below.

The sex tape link is here. (NSFW)

However, the link cannot be authenticated. The tape may be a fake or the woman may not be Vivica Fox.

Sources: Dlisted, nydailynews



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