Rapper Eve in lesbian strip acts – photos.



Eve, the rapper, had more of her old photos dug up. In 2003, the first photo of Eve in a compromising pose surfaced. The picture suggested that Eve or a lookalike fake Eve, was engaging in a lesbian act. There were allegations that the photo was faked by using photoshop. There were counter-claims that the photo was really Eve.

When Eve was asked about the photo, she said that she used to work as a stripper. She said that the photo could be her or could not be her. Briefly, she refused to confirm or deny that the photo was hers. It seemed that the strip show act included some lesbian activities or the foreplay of lesbian acts.

The uncensored, naked lesbian act photo is at the source. There is also a very short video clip (actually a slide show) of a young woman who looked like Eve, engaged in a group show.

This is all celebrity gossip that is passed around. We do not claim to know if the woman in the material is actually Eve the rapper.

Source: GH



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