Naked News goes international & naked women pics.


 Naked News bikini women

Naked News, which featured news being read by naked anchors, has announced plans to expand its foreign language coverage to gain an international audience. This meant that Naked News would now include Spanish, Italian and Korean broadcasts. Previously, it was available in English and Japanese. Naked News TV would then be available online, through mobile providers and traditional pay-per-view TV stations.

Naked News President, David Warga, said that the News channel desired to become as big as CNN or BBC World. Naked News was created in 1999. It sounded frivolous but it gained the respect of audiences as it offered excellent news coverage with naked news readers. Around 2001, a male version of Naked News was launched but it had insufficient support and was eventually discontinued in Oct. 2007.

If you’re curious to look at some of the actual naked news female news anchors, click away to GH. The naked photos are uncensored. Please be advised that the links below may contain   NSFW material.

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