Amy Winehouse shared holiday with two men.


 Amy Winehouse & George Roberts taken in 2006.

This was an old photo of Amy Winehouse & George Roberts taken in 2006.

Amy Winehouse, 24, shared her Caribbean holiday with her ex-boyfriend, George Roberts. Blake’s friend commented that he would be angry if he found out what Amy did. George had a live-in girlfriend in their home in East London but he made time for Amy in the Caribbeans. After George left, Amy stayed at Bryan Adams’ house in Mustique.

A source said that Amy had been talking to Blake and pretending that she was not enjoying her holiday because she did not want to hurt his feelings. George had been a friend and support for Amy since their relationship began two years ago. Amy’s spokesman could only confirm that Amy and George were old friends who met up on holiday.

Amy Winehouse 2007

This was an old photo taken in 2007.



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