Top 10 Hot Celebrity Chicks.


Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell tops the list.

The sources listed below have compiled a list of the Top 10 Hot Celebrity Chick Award Winners. The criteria for judgment depended on how they played their screen roles. This is their list:

1) The Hottest TV actress Chick is Kristen Bell. She acts in Heroes.

2) The Hottest Lesbian Chick is Portia de Rossi. She is dating Ellen DeGeneres openly.

3) The Hottest Talented Actress is Keira Knightly. She can act rough and has no self-conscious shame.

4) The Hottest Goth Chick is Rose McGowan. She has eccentric tastes.

5) The Hottest Young Hot Hollywood Chick is Hayden Panettiere. Her screen character in Heroes attracts men.

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6) The Hottest Under-rated Babe is Salma Hayek. She has a wide variety of projects. She is not limited by acting work.

7) The Over-rated Babe is Cameron Diaz. She is criticized for being shallow.

8. The Hottest Mistress is Anabella Sciorra. Her screen character in Soprano is smart and sassy.

9) The Hottest of the Richest is Sandra Bullock. She is Number 14 on Forbes’ list of rich and powerful women. She has the down to earth qualities and can make money banking on this.

10) The Most Desired is Queen Latifah. It was incredible but in a Yahoo Personals poll, she was voted as Number 3 in the list of most desired, single celebrities. This list was this:

One ““ Jessica Alba

Two ““ Jennifer Aniston

Three – Queen Latifah

Four ““ Jessica Simpson

Five ““ Maria Sharapova

Source: Gone Hollywood, Double Viking


  1. Kristen Bell should also be most talented and most underrated.

    She is also the most beautiful actress in the world too.


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