Eva Mendes’ naked photo.


    Eva Mendes' naked photo

    Eva Mendes has posed naked for PETA. Her campaign poster said the usual message; that she would rather go naked than wear fur.

    Eva had an interview with PETA. She said that killing an animal to wear its fur was not cool. The cool way was to respect all life forms. She said that she made the ignorant mistake of wearing real fur during her first premiere in NYC. Her stylist had provided her with that fur coat. After receiving and reading the letter from PETA, Eva said she promised herself never to wear fur again.

    To see the Eva Mendes NSFW photo, please click at the word PETA at the end of this post.

    Source: PETA


    1. Fur is only natural.

      Now, you look at yer beaver- covered with fur. It has to stay warm.

      I mean, not 'your' beaver. Any beaver.

      All beavers are warm because they are covered with the softest fur you'll ever find.

      You get my point?


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