Brad Pitt’s naked photo.


    Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis 1990s

    Brad Pitt used to be a jack of all trades when he first started out in the entertainment business. He showed his naked body for his work. He used to date Juliette Lewis in the 1990s too.

    Juliette was approached for a short interview after her gig at Seattle’s Chop Suey. A man asked her what Brad was like in bed. Juliette told him that Brad was “no big deal.” The man tried to get Juliette to say more but karma took away the opportunity. Juliette was so distracted she knocked down a table of drinks!

    It was rumored that Juliette dabbled in Scientology. Please click on the source “Dlisted”, then click on the small thumbnail to see the NSFW photo of Brad Pitt.

    Source: Dlisted


    1. I was expecting to see the actual photos of Brad taken naked on this site, however they weren't here. I was so surprised to find him "lacking in equipment" department in those shots. No wonder he and AJ have an "open" relationship which seems to be working for them , especially as they are both admittedly bi-sexual. He needs to take better care of himself now that he's getting up there in age (45), he's not looking his best lately

    2. naked?what’s the meaning?he is very great man, I like him so much. I saw that he is in the top 50 men list of””. He should be the TOP1 in my mind. And i heard that he appeared on a millionaire&celebrity dating club “” with a personal account there. Is it real or just a rumor on internet?


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