Maxim’s list of smelly celebrities. Britney Spears cried over being on their previous list.


Amy Winehouse

Britney Spears‘ friends protected her from knowing that she made Maxim’s list for the top 5 unsexiest women. However, they had to tell Britney the truth when she wanted to gate crash Maxim’s party for the launch of a video game. Her camp did not want Britney to feel insulted if people approached her and discussed about this sensitive subject.

A source said that Britney almost broke down in tears when she was told the news. Apparently, Britney had a good opinion of Maxim because of her past experiences working for the magazine. She thought that Maxim loved her. She wanted to ask for an apology from Maxim.

Maxim has published another list. This list is about celebrities who smell or look like they have odors.

  1. Andy Rooney
  2. John Madden
  3. Nick Nolte
  4. Dennis Franz
  5. Cisco Adler
  6. Rob Schneider
  7. Paul Giamatti
  8. Steve Buscemi
  9. Amy Winehouse
  10. Pete Doherty
  11. Meat Loaf
  12. Woody Allen
  13. Louie Andersen
  14. Billy Joel
  15. Flavor Flav
  16. Mark Boone Jr.

Do you agree with some or all of the celebrities named in this list?

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Source: Gone Hollywood.



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