Russell Crowe spills the beans on Leonardo DiCaprio.


Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is unrepentant about back stabbing to grab two cents’ worth of spotlight. He has misused his confidante status on the set of “The Quick and the Dead” (1995) to reveal private indulges of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Russell claims Leonardo was a virgin at that time and he raved and ranted on how to lose his virginity. Leonardo must have been dense back then, issuing his covert invitation to Russell. Russell must love making enemies.

Russell comes out into the open about this as his public retort and challenge to Leonardo to show and tell his exploits since their last heart to heart talk. He expressed his curiosity to see some photos.

So, this is how and why people take naked pictures of themselves to circulate around.

It is no surprise that when media immediately approached Leonardo’s P.R. for a feedback, no response was forthcoming.

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Source: Daily Mail.


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