Oprah Winfrey’s School for sexual predators is still open for enrolment.


    Oprah Winfrey & S. Africa girls school

    Oprah Winfrey set up a girls’ school in Africa and left the administration and running to sexual predators. She had no idea.

    Its all right, folks. She’s cleaning up all the spilled milk. In the past fortnight, Winfrey has personally devoted her resources to investigate charges of sexual molestation and physical abuse. This is typical when one gender has to look at one gender all the time. They never learn from what happens in state penitential institutions.

    The South African police and the Sexual Offences Unit and Child Protection are supposed to be conducting investigations. In a country where bribery and corruption is rampant, how comforting can that be? Oprah belies her trust in them when she hired her personal task force of P.I.s. to leave every stone unturned in the investigation.

    Or rather, Oprah does not want to be seen as negligent or a hirer of lesbian sexual predators. She’s got her back covered.

    Oprah organized an emergency meeting at the school to apologize to the parents of the children. Typically, her tears and exhortations moved the gullible parents and they readily exonerated Oprah from blame.

    Theatrics aside, Oprah has her personal nightmare of sexual abuse replayed before her.

    Poor girls.

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    Source: Dlisted, The Socialite’s Life.


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