Britney Spears has a dalliance with Madonna again.


Britney Spears

Britney Spears‘ follows so closely behind Madonna that she is in danger of being mistaken as kissin’ cousin of Maddy.

Did it ever struck you that Britney Spears has gone “holistic”? She has been photographed wearing this huge cross at her throat. Its insufficient to drown her sorrows in vodka and Starbucks so she must have the accompaniment of the cross.

Well, think again. Britney has it as a relic of her publicity stunt using the Catholic’s confessional box and model priest scene setup. Britney is portrayed as the hottest singer who seduces the “priest” with her confessional and ends up sitting in his lap.

This is old. The religious piety have been used in promotions for so long that nothing strikes as outrageous anymore.

Madonna was among the first to explore the use of controversy in religious themed antics and the Catholic Church was unfazed. Not even J.K.Rowling‘s Harry Potter could upset the dignity of the Institution.

Britney has already been dropped by a Dance School because the parents object to her being a teacher for their daughters. Now, more parents might be dropping her CD and disallowing pocket money to buy “Blackout”. It does not look like good marketing strategies.

What will Britney’s fans think?

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Source: Dlisted.


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