Paris Hilton’s new hangout place


Paris Hilton’s new L.A. hangout is quite the place to be, the beautiful Lounge 2600, where inmates at the Century Regional Detention Center go to hang out. It actually looks pretty nice.

Paris Hilton Jail

“No banquettes for Paris to dance on, but there is a balcony for her to gaze down upon her captive public. And the exquisitely coordinated color scheme “” chairs, columns, doors “” gives special meaning to the queasy shade of Institutional Green. The mod, rounded chair design adds a little Sixties chic to the place, and leaves no sharp edges for those pesky bitchfights!

Although it’s just so 2004, the wardens even brought the bar-bed craze to Lynwood, with bunks right there in the common area. Comfy “” and three-to-a-bed cozy.

Now, if Paris will only get herself out of solitary!”

source- tmz


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