Maxim Women of Israeli Defense Forces Pictures



    Israeli Defense Forces

    “They’re drop-dead gorgeous and can take apart an Uzi in seconds. Are the women of the Israeli Defense Forces the world’s sexiest soldiers?


    Expertise: Physical fitness

    “I taught gymnastics and calisthenics,” says this flawless former Miss Israel. “The soldiers loved me because I made them fit.”


    Expertise: Military intelligence

    Stationed in northern Israel for her two-year IDF stint, Yarden says target practice was her favorite activity. “I loved shooting the M-16,” she says. “And I was good at hitting the targets. But I haven’t shot anything since I left the army.” Or anyone, we hope.


    Expertise: Military intelligence

    “My job was top secret,” says this Tel Aviv native, who still lives with her parents. “I can’t talk about it other than to say I studied some Arabic!”


    Expertise: Naval Telecommunications

    This beguiling blonde clearly remembers her favorite part of serving her country: “I met my husband. His commander kept trying to set us up.” Lucky for him, Natalie followed orders.

    Israeli female legislators are up in arms over their photo shoot. Who knew being in Maxim could cause such a controversy?”

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     Israeli Defense ForcesIsraeli Defense Forces

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