Spiderman still at number 1 spot


Spider-Man still hung in 1st @ the box office for the second straight week with a nice take of $60 million, but it was a 60% drop from the previous week. The new release “28 Weeks Later” took home the second spot with $10 million in ticket sales. Spidey is still doing better sales than the first two films and has become the top grossing film of 2007 after just 10 days. This will be the last week for the web slinger in the top spot since the third Shrek installment will open this Friday.

1. “Spider-Man 3,” $60 million
2. “28 Weeks Later,” $10 million
3. “Georgia Rule,” $5.6 million
4. “Disturbia,” $4.8 million
5. “Delta Farce,” $3.5 million
6. “Fracture,” $2.9 million
7. “The Invisible,” $2.2 million
8. “Hot Fuzz,” $1.7 million
9. “Next,” $1.604 million
10. “Meet the Robinsons,” $1.6 million


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