Courtney Love Selling Out



    Courtney Love has announced that she’s going to have a Christie’s auction in which she plans to sell most of her late husband, Kurt Cobain’s, personal items. The raucous 42-year-old rocker recently told that her house “is like a mausoleum.” Love and Cobain married in 1992 which is the same year their daughter Francis Bean was born. Kurt Cobain, frontman for the band Nirvana, tragically committed suicide in 1994.

    A date for the proposed auction hasn’t been announced. Love says she plans on giving “a bunch of the money to charity.” Love apparently feels that her daughter, 14-year-old Francis Bean, will be satisfied with a sweater, a guitar, and song lyrics written by her deceased father.

    Love insinuates in her interview with that selling the items belonging to her late husband will somehow allow her to move on in her current and future romantic involvements. She’s quoted as saying, “I still wear his pajamas to bed. How am I ever going to go form another relationship in my lifetime wearing Kurt’s pajamas?

    Love claims that those she knows are supportive of the idea of such a decison, but Cobain’s cult-like following of fans may not be as thrilled with Courtney’s announcement.


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