Chris Rock Paternity Suit Twist



    Kali Bowyer, who has claimed comedian Chris Rock is the father of her 13-year-old son, Jordan, acknowledged Monday that she wasn’t entirely certain about the child’s paternity. The woman told the Statesboro Herald, “If I were 100 percent positive, I would not have requested a DNA test. I would have gone to the lawyers and courts for a child-support order.”

    Bowyer filed suit against Rock in March, requesting that the actor submit to a paternity test to establish whether he was the child’s father. She denies that her legal action is motivated by financial reasons. The mother insists that she’s seeking medical information to assist her son who’s ill.

    Chris Rock has admitted to the court that he once carried on a “limited relationship” with Bowyer and is willing to submit to DNA testing. The 42-year-old funny man and his wife, Malaak, have been married for 10 years. They have two daughters: four-year-old Lola Simone and two-year-old Zahra Savannah.

    Wonder who’ll find out if they’re a daddy first ““ Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy?


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