Britney Spear’s New Bad Boy



Rumors are circulating that Britney Spears and Howie day are romantically linked. They were seen together April 28 at L.A. clubs Bridge and Teddy’s. An unidentified source has reported that the couple spent the night at Spear’s Beverly Hills home while the pop star’s kids were with K-Fed. The pair met during Britney’s stint at Promises rehab.

Does Day have an anger problem though that Britney could do without dealing with at this point in her life? In 2004, the 26-year-old “Collide” singer was arrested for allegedly locking a female fan in a bathroom after she refused his sexual advances. According to a criminal complaint, he then broke the cell phone of another woman trying to call police. He also made headlines following arrests on charges of disorderly conduct and allegedly verbally abusing a flight crew while under the influence.

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