Angelina Jolie’s Night Out with Olivier Martinez



Witnesses have come forward to tell US Magazine that Angelina was seen partying with her ex, Olivier Martinez, in NYC. The actress was in New York for the Tribeca Film Festival last week where she made an appearance for the debut of her documentary “A Place in Time.” Martinez participated in the recently released documentary which Angelina directed.

Angie attended a VIP afterparty where Martinez was also a guest. The pair appeared together in a 2004 film and at that time became romantically involved. Anyone who saw Olivier in the 2002 movie “Unfaithful” opposite Richard Gere and Diane Lane will understand how this sexy hottie could have caught the eye of Jolie.

Sources said that at the party “She turned to him on the banquette and was shaking it in front of him. She was giving him a lap dance,” while another partygoer reports that “She was looking over her shoulder, tossing a glance his way.”

Everyone knows Angie has a wild side. Maybe it was just time for the beauty to let loose a bit. But you can’t help but wonder how Brad Pitt is going to react to this news of Angie letting loose ““ without him.

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