Kelly Brook’s Boobs a Big Hit in USA



    Kelly Brook’s enormous boobs are real, spectacular, and popular on both sides of the Pond.

    BRITISH men have long admired KELLY BROOK’s curves, but now she is attracting extra attention in the US – because her boobs are REAL.
    The sexy actress, who splits her time between her home in England and in Hollywood, said Americans love her body. She said: “My breasts have been a hit in California. “And they go mad for my teeth as well. They can’t believe someone from England can have white teeth.”

    It’s the teeth that put her over the top. Not.
    Anyway, there’s a not-that-great pic of her cleavage over at The Sun which pops up a copyright notice when I try to save it. I screen cap-ed it, naturally, but it’s not worth getting sued over.

    source- Gone hollywood


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