Simon Cowell claims to be “bigger” than rock legend Bruce Springsteen



Simon Cowell claims that he’s bigger than The Boss in an interview to air Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” The “American Idol” judge says he’s worth five times more to Sony BMG than Bruce Springsteen. Cowell says that he sells more records than Springsteen who recently signed a $100 million contract with Sony BMG. The arrogant and often mean-spirited Idol judge says he sells so many records because he’s signed “the biggest artist on the planet” “” Fox network’s “American Idol.”

Cowell, a former record producer, started as a judge on British television’s elimination round talent show “Pop Idol” in 2001, before the show’s was expanded to the United states with “American Idol.”

Simon really should take into consideration before making such an egotistical clam that The Boss has been around for almost 40 years and has sold tens of millions of records over the span of his musical career. “American Idol” is a relatively new obsession and most likely doesn’t have a chance of lasting for 40 years.

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