Oprah Winfrey opens another school in South Africa



Oprah Winfrey opened her second school for South African youth Friday. The school has been christened The Seven Fountains Primary School. It was funded by Oprah’s Angel Network, a public charity that supports organizations and projects focused on education and literacy.

Seven Fountains cost $1.6 million dollars to construct. It boasts 25 classrooms, three multipurpose rooms, a library, computer center, landscaped playground and two sports fields. Oprah has spoken publicly many times about the importance of education in battling poverty. The talk-show host said in reference to the opening of Seven Fountains, “We are here today to celebrate the transformative power of education.”

Winfrey opened the Leadership Academy for Girls outside Johannesburg earlier this year. This school came with a price tag of $40 million dollars. Tina Turner, Spike Lee and former President Nelson Mandela were in attendance at the opening ceremonies for the academy.

Photo from www.untruenews.com


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