Oops – Britney caught flashing more flesh



Once again, Britney Spears has flashed a little too much flesh. Pictures taken on February 12, 2007 at a New York nightclub reveal images of Spears stripping with two of the club’s dancers. The photos are being offered for a staggering minimum price of $150,000.

“The New York Daily News” recently reported that the dancers partying with Spears were subsequently fired from the club when management discovered a security video of the escapade. So, there may be video to follow.

This breaking news can’t possibly be good news for Britney in relation to her custody concerns with children Sean Preston and Jayden James. This latest incident obviously occurred before the pop princess went to rehab, but is another reason why the pop diva should stick out her rehab stint.

Photo from http://echicas.i-net.com.mx


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