Justin Timberlake’s former girlfriends spotted together in Paris



Justin Timberlake’s former girlfriends Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson have reportedly become friends. The gorgeous Hollywood starlets were spotted shopping together in Paris, France recently. And everyone knows that shopping equals bonding in the world of females. Wonder if the pretty pair compared notes about Justin while exploring the shops and galleries of London’s capital city?

US media reports in January and February suggested Timberlake was romancing both the actresses at the same time. Johansson had a fling with the sexy pop superstar in his “What Goes Around” video. The couple also made public appearances together at several Hollywood parties.

Jennifer Biel accompanied Timberlake at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Reports allege that Biel initiated the romance by flirting with Justin at a Hollywood Hills party in January shortly after he split from longtime girlfriend Cameron Diaz.
Both popular actresses seem to have gotten over their trysts with Timberlake without much difficulty. Jennifer Biel has recently been romantically linked to her “Blade: Trinity” co-star Ryan Reynolds. Johansson has recently been quoted as saying she’s looking for “a tall, dark, handsome Brit with piercing blue eyes and a cut-glass London accent”.

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