Avril Lavigne Britney wanna-be?


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Avril Lavigne has reportedly become an admirer of Britney Spears after realizing how difficult it is to sing and dance at the same time. Lavigne has stunned fans by dancing in the video for her new single, “The Girlfriend.” The punk princess acknowledges why Spears often mimed while on stage.

“I’ve had to work with a choreographer, but I’m actually quite athletic and I have good rhythm so it comes natural to me. It made me appreciate people like Britney Spears, as I realize how much work goes into that stuff. The whole thing where you sing and dance is so hard, so that’s probably why she doesn’t sing, right? ha ha!”

Avril has certainly changed her point of view since an interview on December 8, 2004 with VH1. She was asked in this interview about chastising Ashlee Simpson for lip syncing and questioned about whether she had ever worked with a backing tape. Lavine had this to say back then: “No way. I’ve always sang live my whole entire life. I’ve never lip synced once. I never will. I’m here because of my voice and because I like to sing and because I want to sing. I go to awards shows and I sit there and I watch people up onstage who are very successful who aren’t singing live. I think, God, that’s not fair to all the talented people who are out there. It disappoints me really. I think it’s a disgrace.”



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