Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Phillippe dating



It’s rumored that 22-year-old singer Ashlee Simpson and 32-year-old actor Ryan Phillippe are dating ““ or at least getting to know each other pretty well. Ashlee was out with friends recently at Les Deux when Phillipe was escorted to the blonde’s table. It wasn’t long before the couple disappeared to a private part of the club leaving behind Ashlee’s friends behind.

Even though Simpson and Phillipe left the club at the end of the night in separate cars, sources say that Ryan Phillipe ended up at Ashlee’s house ““ and that he spent the night.

Ryan Phillips recently split from superstar Reese Witherspoon. He’s starred in the movies Crash, Cruel Intentions and Antitrust. Ashlee Simpson appeared regularly on the television show Seventh Heaven and her own MTV reality show. She’s also released two pop albums under the Geffen label.

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