Sylvester Stallone Isn’t Dead And Four Other Celebrity Death Hoaxes

"Did you hear? Sylvester Stallone is dead!"  says one gullible person.  "Oh my God!  I can't believe it," says their also-gullible friend.  One misinformed...

American Idol is Back! And Still Nobody Cares

That's right everybody!  "American Idol" is back for another it's umpeenth season after a much needed two-year hiatus.  The show is like your significant...

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Celebrities Reveal How They Lost Their V-Card!

There are certain things you never forget and one of those is when and how you lost your v-card. Some of our favorite musicians and...

Smart Reviews: ‘Into The Woods,’ A Musical Comedy

Hollywood heavyweights crank up their vocal cords. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a musical! But it’s also a comedy. That was unexpected. ‘Into...