Ellen DeGeneres and Victoria Beckham chat on TV.

Ellen DeGeneres has gotten over the Iffy dog scandal. She’s back in the studios. One notable guest was Victoria Beckham. Posh Spice shocked some people when she appeared on the set in sneakers. She left her trademark, towering platforms at home.

Ellen asked Posh questions on:

1) Making friends in Hollywood.

Victoria said that Eva Longoria showed her around Hollywood.

2) How the three Beckham boys cope.

The boys do their own thing like attending school.

3) Plans for motherhood and a daughter.

Posh said that she has a world tour and can’t risk a pregnancy now.

Thank you, Ellen and Victoria. That was an interesting peek into the life of an imported celebrity.

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Source: Just Jared.

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Askmen.com ranks the top 49 men – David Beckham on top

AskMen.com has unveiled their Top 49 Men of 2007.   The site received over 1,000,000 votes on who ranked the best, the winner of course- David Beckham.   David was voted the 2007 most “manly man.””

” Global soccer icon David Beckham became the $250-million man when he (and wife Victoria Beckham) moved to Beverly Hills to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS. Between his tremendous talent, English charm, stylish wardrobe, and slick haircuts, Becks is single-handedly making soccer relevant stateside.”

This is the second year that Askmen.com has done this poll, last year George Clooney took 1st place.

The list of others ranked in the top is a little bit strange, I dont know how some of these guys made it.

  • Matt Damon #2
  • Justin Timberlake #5
  • George Clooney #8
  • Brad Pitt #11
  • Peyton Manning #16
  • Leonardo Dicaprio #22
  • Tiger Woods #26
  • Simon Cowell #38
  • Dane Cook #43

Do you think some of these guys actually deserved to be on this list?

source- Bumpshack  

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Buy Spice Girls’ new CD from Victoria’s Secret stores and website.

Spice Girls 1997 photo.

Baby (Emma Bunton), Ginger (Geri Halliwell), Scary (Melanie Brown.), Sporty (Melanie Chisholm.) and Posh (Victoria Beckham) want your money again.

The Spice Girls have chosen Victoria’s Secret as their distributor for their new album. Men and women have to buy the CD from Victoria’s Secret stores or website from Nov. 13. There is a special pre-order on Oct 17 at their website. To encourage buyers, this pre-order lasts for only 24 hours. Will you be buying one?


The current Spice Girls photo appears after the jump.

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You’ll love these pics on Victoria Beckham. They’re funny!

Victoria Beckham saw it fitting to camouflage herself as a flaming orange bird for her photo shoot at the outdoors. If she flapped hard enough, her fledging career might take on and if it crashes, she has the wings to help herself.

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Victoria Beckham, Dita von Tesse, Christina Aguilera are into Fashion this week.

Its Fashion Week in gay Paris and we’re not about to be sidetracked and out done. America is coming out in full force with the Fashion critiques. Check out our Celebrity Fashion gallery.

Dita von Tesse advocates the white as ebony ivory look while Victoria Beckham emigrates with her sun tan lotion hidden somewhere in that dress. These two fashionistas are in Paris to attend the fashion shows at Fashion Week. The guesses are that Victoria is on a buying spree while Dita is there more to continue promoting herself after her Peta ad campaign. Somehow, Dita reminds me of the past generation. Or make that the past two generations ago.

Here’s a clue down below:

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Old Spice Girls have new figures.

Due to privacy and protectionism, the young one’s face has been blotted over.

All the Spice Girls are dieting to return to pristine form after a decade in retirement from active show biz. Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown need to work out their flab and fads, while Victoria Beckham needs to work on putting on a convincing explanation for her extremely thin frame. This is the moment Vic has been waiting for.

Photos of Geri Halliwell and Mel B follow after the break.

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David Beckham’s Dad recovering after arresting heart attack.

David Beckham appeared visibly upset. It was raining cats and dogs down his face.


David Beckham, 32, catapults at a flying run back to home base, London, to be at the bedside of his critically ill father, Ted, 59. David and his father are estranged after Ted divorced Sandra, David’s mother, in 2002.

More pics and story after clicking on the line break.

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Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise share similar looks.

Pic: The Daily Mail and X17. Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise photographed separately wearing their military style gear.

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes are good friends so maybe, just maybe, Victoria decided to borrow a look from Tom’s closet to help her own image. Tom will act as a Nazi colonel in “Valkyrie”. Victoria has this stern look when she flew from LA into Japan. Seriously, does anyone think that the Japanese will fall down flat worshipping Victoria, who dresses in a uniform of controversy?

A mole told the The Daily Mail that Victoria availed herself of the good advice from Katie. She is hoping to get filming parts on Larry King, documentaries and modeling for American Vogue but nothing has worked out for her. The scene is crowded with existing talent and some more clawing their way into international stardom. A transplanted has-been barely makes any waves.

Are these smoke rings hinting for a change in publicist and career consultants?

Source: The Daily Mail.

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Victoria Beckham and David Beckham recommend this place.

(Vix is greeted by the chef, Captain of the restaurant and other staff as she enters Mastro’s Steakhouse.)

Its called Mastro’s Steakhouse.

Victoria Beckham makes it a point to have dinner at posh restaurants to refute the claims that she has anorexia or some other dieting disorder. The latest snaps show the Beckham family going on a dinner date at Beverly Hills’ Mastro Steakhouse on Wednesday night, September 12. Eating houses are popular press releases for the former Posh Spice as it serves her purpose of killing the old scrawny bird legend. She eats steak, for gawks’ sakes. And we have the pictures.

This clotheshorse works out like a workhorse too. She tries to be the epitome of olde England’s Ms. Etiquette. The backstage talk buzzes on her public sanitized show offs being a public picture perfect, if not privately perfect employer of nannies. So, is she or isn’t she a good mother to her children?

Posh is doing a good job for herself, trying to inch her way into Hollywood. She has a guest star role in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, where she plays herself, a celebrity bridesmaid to Wilhelmina Slater and Bradford Meade. (Vanessa Williams and Alan Dale)

Don’t hold your breath.

Source & Pics: Just Jared.

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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Confirm Divorce: A Day After 10th Anniversary!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have finally confirmed the rumors that they were divorcing. The Hollywood couple, who married in […]

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