Usher Opens Up About Ugly Child Custody Battle

Usher has been involved in a nasty custody battle with ex-wife Tameka Foster until last month when a judge awarded the singer custody of their two sons Usher V, 4, and Naviyd, 3.

The singer is finally opening up about the terrible experience during his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Usher, 33, stated, “This will be the only time that I’ve ever chosen to speak about it. I’ve been a man of integrity throughout the entire process, which I hope my boys will understand. That’s the way to go. That’s the way to be.”

The singer denies being an “absentee” father like Tameka claimed, insisting being a dad is the most important thing to him.

Usher explains, “Absentee from the aspect of having to go and work, that probably would be her version or idea of what absentee would be. But no, I’m not an absentee father at all. I was born to do what I’m doing as a dad. I realized that once I had a child. When I had them, that’s when they became a priority.”

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Tameka Foster To Appeal Child Custody Ruling

Tameka Foster is speaking out about the judge’s ruling in her bitter custody battle with her ex-husband, singer Usher Raymond.

Tameka lost primary custody of her two sons after a Georgia judge’s ruling last Friday.

Foster, who gave birth to Usher Raymond V in 2007 and Naviyd Ely Raymond a year later, tweeted about the ruling, writing, “Money can buy many things… But in the end. Truth & goodness will prevail.”

Tameka, 41, later added, “A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing… A mans loyalty is tested when he has everything!

“Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you… Fear the fake friend that hugs you. There’s not much worse.”

Usher’s ex-wife plans to appeal the judge’s ruling.

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Usher Wins Custody Battle With Ex-Wife Tameka Foster

R&B singer Usher has won his custody battle with ex-wife Tameka Foster for their two sons.

Tameka tried to portray Usher as an absentee father who was more interested in his music career. Usher said Foster was an inattentive mother.

The former couple has been locked in a bitter custody battle over their sons, Usher, 4 and Naviyd, 3, but the judge awarded primary custody of the children to their father in court today.

Tameka was granted custodial rights, which have yet to be revealed.

The decision comes days after the same judge ordered Usher to reopen his ex-wife’s credit card account at Saks Fifth Avenue after closing them last year. The judge also ordered the singer to pay his ex-wife’s childcare bills.

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Tameka Foster Claims Usher Feigned Sympathy Over Step-Son’s Death

The nasty custody battle between Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster rages on, even after the recent death of her 11-year-old son, Kyle (Kile) Glover.

Foster has slammed Usher, claiming the singer faked sadness over Kile’s injury and death to get sympathy from the media and his fans.

Tameka Raymond’s lawyer has filed new documents in the couple’s bitter child custody war against Usher, who had asked the court to delay a court hearing due to the death of Tameka’s son.

In his request, Usher said he was worried the hearing would cause “unnecessary stress and strain” for both himself, Tameka and their two minor children “in the immediate wake of this tragedy.”

Usher also claims Tameka would get an unfair advantage in the hearing because the court would not want to rule against a woman who is still grieving the death of her son. Usher fears he could lose custody of the children and believes it would be unfair to him.

But, Tameka’s lawyer claims Usher’s claims of suffering “stress and strain” are total bull crap.

Tameka claims, “[Usher] visited Kile in the hospital only once” during his 15 days on life support”.

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Kyle Glover Declared “Brain Dead” By Doctors

We have very sad news to report on singer Usher’s step-son Kyle (Kile) Glover.

Kyle has been declared “brain dead” by doctors after a jet ski accident on Saturday.

Kyle, who is the son of Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster, has reportedly not had any brain activity whatsoever since being admitted to the hospital.

The term “brain dead” basically means a person is not able to breathe on their own and is being kept alive on a ventilator.

Insiders have not revealed the family’s decision on whether to take the 11-year-old off life support.

Tameka said of her son, “He’s bad”, later writing on Facebook asking for prayers for her little boy. Foster wrote, “Kyle, You are strong.. You’ll be saved I know it. I love you my baby. I need all #Prayers for my son! thanks you everybody!”

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Usher’s Step-Son Kyle Glover In Critical Condition After Accident (VIDEO)

Usher’s 11-year-old stepson has been hospitalized in critical condition after an accident involving a jet ski in Atlanta.

Kyle Glover (the son of Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster) and a 15-year-old girl were riding in an inner tube being pulled by a friend in a rented pontoon when a man in their party on a rented jetski collided into the kids.

Kyle, 11, was air lifted to Children’s Egleston hospital in critical condition with severe head injuries. He was reportedly unresponsive at the scene of the accident.

The unidentified teen girl was also flown to Egleston hospital, where she had a head laceration and a broken arm.

Usher and his ex-wife Tameka have been involved in a nasty child custody battle over their two young sons, but Usher chartered a plane for Tameka (who was out of town) so she could be by her son’s side in the hospital.

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Usher’s Wife Tameka Foster Suffered Cardiac Arrest During Liposuction Procedure (Photos)

Usher’s reps have yet to comment on Tameka Foster’s condition, but reports say she was rushed into intensive care after problems during her liposuction surgery in Brazil.

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