Shia LaBeouf To Have “Real Sex” In Upcoming Flick

Shia Labeouf has revealed he will be be filming a “real” sex-scene in his upcoming movie “Nympomaniac”, which will also star Nicole Kidman and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Lars Von Trier’s indie film will follow a woman and her “hidden erotic desires” in the movie.

MTV asked Shia what a “real” sex scene meant exactly and he replied, “It is what you think it is. There’s a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says, we’re doing [the sex] for real. And anything that is ‘illegal’ will be shot in blurred images, but other than that, everything is happening”.

There’s no word yet on if his sex scene will include Kidman or Gainsbourg, who is known for her steamy roles.

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Shia LaBeouf Admits Having Sexy Time With Megan Fox

Shia LaBeouf has a great interview in Details magazine, where he talks about hooking up with former co-star Megan Fox while they filmed “Transformers”. But was Megan Fox dating now-hubby, Brian Austin Green, at the time? Interesting!

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Shia LaBeouf Says His Mother Is The Sexiest Woman He Knows: Shayna LaBeouf Pictures

This is rather creepy, but actor Shia LaBeouf thinks his mother, Shayna, is the “sexiest” woman he knows. Read more about what Shia says about his mother in his interview with Playboy magazine below.

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