Eva Mendes’ bikini photo.

Eva Mendes would become Calvin Klein’s face or rather, CK’s bottom as she would be modeling their famous briefs. This range would be for the full bodied women. They stopped short of saying it was for the big women. Her bottom was spoken for but what about her top? Eva might have to go topless or brandless for her top.

Source: GH

Meet another celebrity fashion brand here.

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Eva Mendes – topless photo.

Eva Mendes went topless in Maxim’s cover. That was for the Feb. issue. She had refused to pose naked for Playboy. However, she had gone nude for Peta, Flaunt magazine and appeared topless in some photographs. Eva’s last movie appearance was in “We Own The Night.”

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Source: propeller.

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Eva Mendes’ nipple slip photo & video.

Eva Mendes was doing a video recording and answering questions when her black top revealed a little more than it should. Eva had sat in front of a screen and questions were flashed before her. One of the questions asked her something like, if she would take her top off. She used all her wits to answer on that one. The gist of her answer would be no, she would not do a topless act.

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Eva Mendes’ naked photo.

Eva Mendes has posed naked for PETA. Her campaign poster said the usual message; that she would rather go naked than wear fur.

Eva had an interview with PETA. She said that killing an animal to wear its fur was not cool. The cool way was to respect all life forms. She said that she made the ignorant mistake of wearing real fur during her first premiere in NYC. Her stylist had provided her with that fur coat. After receiving and reading the letter from PETA, Eva said she promised herself never to wear fur again.

To see the Eva Mendes NSFW photo, please click at the word PETA at the end of this post.

Source: PETA

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Eva Mendes’ sex tape link.

*We have an update of the closest thing your going to get to a  real sex tape from Eva Mendes, please click here to view it.

Eva Mendes had a hot scene with her co-star in “We Own The Night”. It is being pimped around as her sex tape.

The sex tape link is below.

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Eva Mendes poses naked for Maxim

Eva Mendes takes it all of and shows us how sexy she can get in the November issue of Maxim magazine.

The sexy photo spread features the “We Own the Night“ actress looking smokin hot, I can’t wait to pick up this issue.

In the film, Eva has an explicit sex scene with co-star Joaquin Phoenix, and says that she was so nervous she drank some vodka spiked OJ to “take the edge off” before shooting the scene.

Must have been tough with Joaquin, I bet your glad its over Eva!

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People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Top Ten 2014: See Who Made The Cut!

People magazine reveals their picks for the Most Beautiful yearly, which sometimes appears to be more “politically correct” than based …

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