Charlie Sheen & Brett Rossi Set A Wedding Date?

Charlie Sheen and his fiancee Brett Rossi are reportedly set to tie the knot on November 22 of this year.

The 48-year-old “Anger Mangement” star would marry her earlier, but she needs to be divorced from her hubby first!

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Charlie Sheen Hits Back At John Mayer Over Fake Rolex Watches

Charlie Sheen isn’t someone you want to have angry at you, but it appears John Mayer has his tiger’s blood boiling.

Sheen is pissed that Mayer filed a lawsuit against his watch dealer friend, claiming that some of the Rolex watches were fakes.

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Charlie Sheen Offers Brooke Mueller $55K A Month While Slashing Denise Richards’ Child Support

Charlie Sheen has really gone off his rocker! The “Anger Management” star has voluntarily offered to increase his ex-wife Brooke Mueller’s child support from $20,000 a month to $55,000 per month.

That may seem very generous, but Sheen is also asking a judge to reduce the child support to his other ex-wife, Denise Richards. The person that stood by him all these years. Crazy!

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Charlie Sheen Requests Reduced Child Support To Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen is seeking to reduce the $55,000-a-month in child support he pays ex-wife Denise Richards.

The 48-year-old “Anger Management star”, who is engaged to a former porn star, also wants Denise out of the home he provided for her and his children.

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Charlie Sheen Not Showing Up To “Anger Management” Set: What’s Up?

Charlie Sheen is reportedly angering his co-stars by not showing up to the set of his FX show “Anger Management”.

The 48-year-old actor has caused production of the series to come to a grinding halt. What’s going on with Charlie now?

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Charlie Sheen’s Fiance Brett Rossi (Scottine Christen) Still Married To Someone Else!

Charlie Sheen shocked us all when he confirmed his engagement to former porn star Brett Rossi.

It appears their wedding will have to wait due to one little hiccup….she’s already married to someone else!

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What? Charlie Sheen Says No Prenup & Wants More Kids!

You’d think Charlie Sheen would have learned a thing or two by now after three failed marriages, but the “Anger Management” star has confirmed he WILL NOT be getting a prenuptial agreement with Brett Rossi.

The actor feels that “prenups poison marriages”, but they also keep your money safe!

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Charlie Sheen Dumb Enough To Marry Porn Star…But Wise Enough To Get Prenup!

Charlie Sheen is preparing to make his fourth trip down the aisle with porn star Brett Rossi.

The wealthy actor might not make the best decisions these past few years, but at least he’s taking steps to protect his multimillion-dollar fortune.

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Charlie Sheen Engaged To Porn Star Brett Rossi!

Charlie Sheen really loves porn stars, finally deciding to actually marry one! The actor is ready to take a fourth trip down the aisle.

The 48-year-old proposed to his porn star girlfriend Brett Rossi in Hawaii the day after Valentine’s Day.

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