Brooke Mueller Being Sued By Assistant That Was “Used As A Drug Mule”

Brooke Mueller has been sued by her formal personal assistant who alleged that he was forced “to transport illegal drugs” and watch her have sex with other people.

Lior Masaphor filed the lawsuit on Wednesday, revealing he worked as a personal assistant for Mueller, 37, from about December 2012 through March 2013.

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Drunken Charlie Sheen Greets Fans At Taco Bell (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen was obviously wasted when he had a craving for Taco Bell.

The “Anger Management” star had some guy named Gary take him for his fast food fix, when the actor decided to greet fans in the drive-thru. Pretty cool of him!

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Charlie Sheen Kicks Ex Denise Richards & His Kids Out Of His Home!

Charlie Sheen purchased a home for his ex-wife Denise Richards to be near him in Mulholland Estates, but has now kicked her (and his daughters) to the curb.

The “Anger Management” star housed Denise and their daughters Sam, 10 and Lola, eight, as well as her adopted daughter Eloise, two.

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It’s War! Rihanna Responds To Charlie Sheen’s Twitter Rant

We had a feeling this was going to get ugly. Charlie Sheen and Rihanna are both people that don’t back down.

Charlie blasted RiRi for declining his request to meet his former porn star fiancee at a restaurant, where they were both dining. Now Rihanna has responded!

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Uh-Oh Rihanna Is On Charlie Sheen’s Sh*t List!

Rihanna apparently pissed off Charlie Sheen, after she rejected his request to meet his fiancee.

Charlie Sheen went off on a Twitter rant calling her a “village idiot”, describing their encounter with Rihanna at a Santa Monica restaurant.

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CBS Announces “Two And A Half Men” Is Ending After Next Season

CBS has revealed that the next season of “Two And A Half Men” will be the last for the show.

Will the former star of the show, Charlie Sheen, join the cast for the final show? Now that would be entertaining!

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Charlie Sheen & Brett Rossi Set A Wedding Date?

Charlie Sheen and his fiancee Brett Rossi are reportedly set to tie the knot on November 22 of this year.

The 48-year-old “Anger Mangement” star would marry her earlier, but she needs to be divorced from her hubby first!

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Charlie Sheen Hits Back At John Mayer Over Fake Rolex Watches

Charlie Sheen isn’t someone you want to have angry at you, but it appears John Mayer has his tiger’s blood boiling.

Sheen is pissed that Mayer filed a lawsuit against his watch dealer friend, claiming that some of the Rolex watches were fakes.

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Charlie Sheen Offers Brooke Mueller $55K A Month While Slashing Denise Richards’ Child Support

Charlie Sheen has really gone off his rocker! The “Anger Management” star has voluntarily offered to increase his ex-wife Brooke Mueller’s child support from $20,000 a month to $55,000 per month.

That may seem very generous, but Sheen is also asking a judge to reduce the child support to his other ex-wife, Denise Richards. The person that stood by him all these years. Crazy!

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Daniele Watts Pulls Fame & Race Card: Detained After Reports Of Public Sex Acts

Daniele Watts, an actress most known for playing CoCo in “Django Unchained”, claimed she was being harassed by police after […]

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