J-Lo Wants A Bambino With Toy Boy Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez wants to have a child with her 25-year-old boyfriend and former backup dancer Casper Smart.

The 43-year-old singer, who has five-year-old twins Max and Emme from her marriage to Marc Anthony, has sought fertility treatment in hopes of getting pregnant.

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Jennifer Lopez Hints At Marrying Casper Smart (VIDEO)

After three failed marriages, Jennifer Lopez said she isn’t ruling out tying the knot with her younger beau Casper Smart.

Lopez sat down for an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” revealing that she hopes for a fairytale ending and will probably marry again.

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Jennifer Lopez Engaged To Casper Smart? (Ring Photos)

Jennifer Lopez is fueling engagement rumors after she has been spotted with a huge diamond ring on her left hand!

The singer, who has been married three times already, has been dating her 25-year-old back-up dancer Casper Smart since her split from husband Marc Anthony last summer.

J-Lo was forced to shut down engagement rumors in June of this year after she was wearing a new ring. She denied it was anything but a pretty bauble, but is now sending gossip blogs in a frenzy again.

Lopez has been photographed with her beau Smart during Paris Fashion Week with a giant sparkler on her wedding ring finger.

So is the 43-year-old star engaged?

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Jennifer Lopez Suing Former Driver For Blackmail Attempt

Jennifer Lopez has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming that her former driver Hakob Manoukian threatened to “disclose sensitive and personal information that he allegedly heard while driving Lopez” unless the singer paid him $2.8 million.

Lopez is asking for $20 million in damages, which happens to be the same amount she made for her stint on “American Idol”.

J-Lo filed the lawsuit as a counter claim after Manoukian sued over being forced to resign after being berated by Lopez’s manager Benny Medina.

Lopez claims her former driver demanded $2.8 million from her, or else he would tell all on what he heard while driving the star around.

Hakob began chauffeuring Lopez and ex-husband Marc Anthony around in 2005 and later became their exclusive head of transportation.

The driver was there to witness the breakdown of their marriage and J-Lo’s as the singer began her hot new romance with Casper Smart.

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J-Lo Ready To Split With Casper Smart After Peepshow Incident?

A source reveals that Jennifer Lopez is “taking some time to think about things” after photos of her boyfriend Casper Smart emerged of him leaving a XXX peepshow in New York.

Smart claims that he was lost and entered the naughty establishment accidentally. Umm…ok!

There’s no telling what Casper was really up to at the gay hangout, but a source reports, “She is taking some time to think about things. They are still together. But the photos have shaken her up.”

The source adds that Lopez “has never been great at picking men, and this feels all too familiar to her.”

Jennifer is still dating her young, backup dancer but is taking some time to mull over her relationship.

“They have not split yet, but it’s fair to say they are cooling off a bit. The pictures have created a distance between them. Even if Casper is telling the truth, and he didn’t mean to walk into the doorway, it just proves how young and immature he is. He should have been more careful, he knows he is often being followed by paparazzi.”

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J-Lo’s Boyfriend Casper Smart Visiting Gay Peepshows?

Photos have surfaced showing Jennifer Lopez’s boy-toy Casper Smart visiting a gay peepshow!

Casper was caught visiting the naughty establishment on Lopez’s 43rd birthday. So, could Smart have been just purchasing something kinky for J-Lo’s birthday or is he using her as a beard?

The 25-year-old left the peepshow without a bag so he was either enjoying a little gay action or just using their ATM machine.

Insiders report this isn’t Smart’s first time to visit the popular gay spot. A peepshow regular revealed, “Yeah, I’ve seen him. He was in here about three weeks ago”.

This isn’t the first time rumors have surfaced about Casper’s sexual preference. A former friend of Smarts claims the back-up dancer is gay and just using Jennifer to further his career.

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Casper Smart’s Former Bestie Claims Dancer Is Using J-Lo

Joshua Lee Ayers, a dancer and former pal of Casper Smart’s, claims that Casper is actually gay and just using Jennifer Lopez to become famous.

The former friend and dancer said Casper has a history of using and dumping women, even pointing out that his ex-girlfriend, Aisha Francis, got him a job as one of Lopez’s backup dancers only to be dumped right afterward.

Ayers said, “Aisha was really good to Casper. But he used her to get what he wanted, then left her for J.Lo.”

He adds, “Casper is a great self-promoter, but his talent is questionable. He just got lucky. Before he met J-Lo, Casper always said he was never having kids. It’s fishy that now all of a sudden he does. If I was J-Lo’s friend, I would be concerned.”

There are reports that Jennifer is paying Casper an allowance of $10,000 per week, so could it be Smart really is using J-Lo?

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Jennifer Lopez Ready To Marry Casper Smart & Have His Babies!

Jennifer Lopez, who is a judge on “American Idol”, has a very busy life but still makes time for her children.

“There’s the guilt that comes along with it,” Lopez said of her hectic career. “You leave and they go, ‘Don’t go to work, Mommy!’”

But J-Lo, 42, is still open to have more children in the future. Perhaps with her boytoy Casper?

“It would be a blessing,” she stated. “Every day … they just bring so much joy and happiness to your life, (and) they just bring you right back down the earth.”

Lopez is already mommy to twins Max and Emme, 4, from her marriage to Marc Anthony.

The singer has been dating her back-up dancer, Casper Smart, 24, for six months and seems to be getting quite serious.

“She’s telling friends she wants to marry Casper,” an insider told Us Weekly. “She’s certain she wants to be with Casper forever.”

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J-Lo Gave Casper Smart A New Truck For His 25th Birthday (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez is an awesome sugar-mama and made sure Casper Smart’s 25th birthday was a great one by buying him a customized new truck.

Lopez threw her young boyfriend a birthday party at Cecconi’s in Los Angeles.

But, the exciting part of Smart’s birthday came when Jennifer gave him the keys to a customized white Dodge Ram truck.

A source close to the couple revealed, “Jennifer had planned a fun day to celebrate Casper’s birthday. (She) knew that Casper really wanted a truck, and Casper was very excited about the generous gift.

“Casper was so excited about his new truck that he decided to drive it to dinner. She was smiling about Casper’s excitement.”

Lopez tweeted birthday well-wishes to her dancer boyfriend, “Beau has a birthday we’re so glad, we hope it’s the happiest Birthday Beau ever has! Happy birthday bear!!!”

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