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Bobbi Kristina Gets Tattoo To Honor Mother Whitney Houston (Photo)

Whitney Houston’s teenage daughter commemorated her late mother’s birthday on Thursday by getting a tattoo in her memory.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the singer’s daughter with Bobby Brown, went with her boyfriend Nick Gordon to a Georgia tattoo parlor where they both had the initials “WH” and four doves inked on their wrists.

Bobbi took to Twitter to tell followers about her plans, writing, “Mommy it’s your birthday & I am going 2 (to) celebrate it 2 the fullest! Bc (because) You deserve it damn it, You deserve Nothing but the Best!”

Bobbi Kristina shared a photo of her new ink, writing, “Tat tat tatted… now your (sic) truly Always with us mommy… We love you always & forever… rip mommy. Oh how I love u so; I’ll Never Let U Go.”

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Bobbi Kristina Calls Off Wedding To Brother/Lover Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon have “mutually” decided to postpone their wedding, but they are still dating and living together.

A source close to the couple revealed, “Bobbi and Nick really love each other. But they just can’t figure out how they want to define their relationship. Bobbi felt like she got swept up in the moment because she was going through a lot of emotions after Whitney’s death. But they’re in love and still together, just not engaged.”

Nick Gordon was adopted by Bobbi’s late mother, Whitney Houston, after Nick’s mother was unable to care for him. Their relationship has caused major family drama, with Bobbi’s grandmother Cissy calling the relationship “incestuous”.

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Troubled Bobbi Kristina Brown Shown Toking On Huge Bong (VIDEO)

The daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, is the subject of a report by the National Enquirer, where she is shown in a video smoking weed from a large bong.

Bobbi Kristina has been having a rough time after the sudden death of her mother, but it appears she has been doing drugs long before the tragedy.

The 19-year-old can be seen smoking weed and coughing before going back for more in the video filmed in March 2011 at a party in Statesboro, Georgia.

A source at the party revealed, “Bobbi Kristina was staying with friends at the school and she brought along a big bag of pot for the party.

“The party was well underway by the time I got there around 11 p.m. When I left at 6am the next day, she was still partying hard.”

Last year, around the time this shocking photo was filmed, there were rumors that Bobbi Kristina had her own problems with cocaine.

The video release of Brown comes just as news of a reality show deal was reported.

Sources reveal the meetings about the reality show were even a hot mess.

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Cissy Houston Calls Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordon’s Romance Incestuous!

Cissy Houston, the mother of the late Whitney Houston, is enraged after seeing photos of her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown holding hands and kissing her “adopted” brother Nick Gordon.

Cissy does not approve of their romance and told a close friend, “What they’re doing is incestuous.”

But, is the relationship incestuous when they aren’t actually related?

Houston seems to feel the Nick is taking advantage of Bobbi Kristina while she is vulnerable and wants to evict him from Whitney’s home that he shares with her granddaughter.

It looks as if Cissy better accept the relationship because insiders claim the 19-year-old is actually engaged to Gordon.

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Bobbi Kristina Feels Late Mother Whitney Houston’s Presence (VIDEO)

Bobbi Kristina opened up to Oprah Winfrey about the death of her mother, singer Whitney Houston.

The 19-year-old told Oprah that Whitney sends her signs.

Bobbi said, “I feel her [spirit] pass through me all the time. Lights turn on and off and I’m like, ‘Mom, what are you doing?’ I can still laugh with her and still talk to her.

“I can hear her voice telling me to keep moving, baby, I gotcha. She’s always with me. I can always feel her with me. She used to always say, ‘Do you need me?’ And I said, ‘I always need you’.”

Houston’s body was found under water in the bath tub of her Beverly Hills hotel suite on February 11, but the day before her daughter spent the day cuddled with her mother.

Bobbi stated, “The very last day, I went to go get her. I said, ‘Come lay down with me’. She stayed with me all night and all day, rubbing my head. I slept in her arms. All day, all night.”

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Bobbi Kristina Spotted Kissing “Adopted” Brother Nicholas Gordon

Is Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, 19, dating her mother’s “unofficial adopted son” Nicholas Gordon?

The late singer considered Nicholas Gordon a son, raising him with her biological daughter Bobbi Kristina.

But sources are claiming Bobbi and Nicholas are romantically involved.

An eyewitness saw Bobbi kiss Nicholas on the lips while they were shopping at a Target store in Georgia on March 9, 2012.

“Bobbi and Nick were in the music section and then all over the store. Bobbi was kissing him on the mouth and holding hands. They were laughing and smiling and seemed SO happy,” the eyewitness said.

The witness adds, “She was wearing a black short pencil bandage skirt with a black top and black knee high boots. Her hair and makeup were all done too, like she was going to go out on the town. He was in all black – black jeans, black shirt, earrings and a black wide-brimmed hat.”

Nicholas later tweeted a photo of himself in Kristina in the same outfits the eyewitness described.

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Late Singer Whitney Houston Leaves Entire Fortune To Daughter

Singer Whitney Houston, who was found dead in a bathtub in her Beverly Hilton hotel suite on February 11, 2012, has left her entire estate to her 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina receive all of the late singer’s money, cars, furniture, clothing, jewelry and personal effects.

Houston’s will was first drafted in 1993 when he was still married to Bobby Brown, but was amended in 2000. The singer left nothing at all to her former husband.

The money will be placed in a trust until Bobbi Kristina turns 21 in 2014, when she will receive a chunk of her inheritance. Another portion of the money will be given when she is 25 and a final amount will be released when Whitney’s daughter turns 30.

Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, is executor of the will and her brother and sister-in-law are named as trustees.

Whitney, whose troubled marriage to singer Bobby Brown of 14 years ended in 2006, had signed a prenuptial agreement in 1992 which kept Bobby from accessing her will.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Took Off To Do Drugs After Whitney’s Funeral?

Sources report that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s grieving daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was found doing drugs hours after her mother’s funeral.

Bobbi Kristina, 18, was reportedly holed up in her hotel room on Saturday night doing drugs as family and friends were searching for her.

“It’s a horrible situation for everybody,” a family friend revealed. “They tried to save Whitney, and it didn’t work. Now with Bobbi Kristina, they fear the same thing is happening again, and they won’t be able to stop it, either.”

Bobbi Kristina reportedly slipped off after her mom’s funeral service after becoming upset over the drama with her father and the family.

Insiders claim Bobby Brown made a little scene after being told he couldn’t sit with his daughter and left the funeral early.

A family spokesman denied Bobbi Kristina had been using drugs, saying she just needed time alone.

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