Smart Reviews: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The long journey comes to an end. The final installment of The Hobbit doesn’t disappoint. It has way more action than the Desolation of Smaug. And of course sets the stage for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The movie picks up where it left off seamlessly. No need to rummage through your memory file. And no dilly-dallying. It’s action packed right from the get-go. Trust me, there’s no time to fall asleep during this flick. Director Peter Jackson did a fantastic job of weaving together action and love. The Battle of the Five Armies is more emotional than the other two installments. The love triangle between Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), and Kili (Aidan Turner) is highlighted. It doesn’t end the way you expected. In fact, I think this may be the first time I’ve seen a love story in any of the trilogies.

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Jennifer Aniston Feels Pressured To Procreate

Jennifer Aniston sat down with Allure magazine for a new interview and sexy photo shoot.

The “Cake” star also talked about feeling pressured to have children, adding she doesn’t feel a person is a failure if they decide against being a mother.

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X Factor Fans Speculate That Mel B Was Beaten By Husband: Was She?

Mel B has fans talking after recent reports of her hospitalization and her scratch and bruised appearance on The X Factor on Sunday.

Fans began to wonder if her husband Stephen Belafonte was to blame, especially after noticing Mel B wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

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Katy Perry Collapses On Stage…Find Out Why! (VIDEO)

“Roar” singer Katy Perry may be one tough cookie, but the stunning brunette is also a Scorpio and quite sensitive.

Katy showed off her cute sense of humor during her Melbourne show over the weekend, when she was hit with an object by a fan in the crowd.

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