Someone Thought It Was A Good Idea To Release Amanda Bynes?

Amanda Bynes has been released from a psychiatric facility early, just days after doctors granted a 30-day hold on the actress.

The former actress was being held on a psychiatric hold for nearly three weeks, before she went before a hearing officer at the facility on Thursday to request she be released. Strangely enough, the hearing officer granted the request!

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Jose Canseco Accidentally Shot Off His Middle Finger!

Former MLB outfielder Jose Canseco was injured on Tuesday afternoon in an accidental shooting at his Las Vegas, Nevada home.

The 50-year-old was cleaning his gun when it unexpectedly fired and shot off his middle finger on his left hand.

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Remember “Twilight” Star Ashley Greene’s Apartment Fire? Sources Reveal Crack Pipe Found!

A crack pipe was reportedly discovered in Ashley Greene’s apartment after last year’s devastating fire, according to a lawsuit filed by the building manager.

The “Twilight” star’s  West Hollywood apartment unit went up in flames in March 2013 after a lit candle started a fire.

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“Honey Boo Boo” Drama From Bad To Worse: Mama June’s Oldest Daughter Anna Was Molestation Victim!

Just when we thought the “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” family drama couldn’t get much worse…it did!

Mama June’s child molester boyfriend Mark McDaniel didn’t just molest June’s family member. It was actually her own daughter Anna!

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Awkward: Katy Perry’s Boyfriend Diplo Expecting Another Child With Ex-Girlfriend?

Major Lazer DJ Diplo is said to be dating singer Katy Perry again, but it’s been revealed he is expecting a second child with his ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Lockhart.

The DJ and music producer apparently knocked her up before he started dating Perry in April.

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“Honey Boo Boo” Star Mama June Denies Dating Child Molester: Reality Show Canceled!

The TLC reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” may be ending, following reports that “Mama June” (June Shannon) is dating a child sex offender.

June took to Facebook to deny the reports she was letting , claiming her children are her top priority. But she has dated (and mated) other sex offenders previously. Update!

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Honey Boo Boo’s “Mama June” Dating Convicted Child Molester Mark McDaniel

June Shannon, known as Mama June on the reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” on TLC, has a new man in her life after her split from Sugar Bear.

The only problem is this particular guy is her former boyfriend that was convicted for molesting one of her relatives. WTH?

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Jenny McCarthy Feels Like A Man On The Inside & Hopes Her Son Is Gay

One of the things we love about Jenny McCarthy is that you just never know what will come out of her mouth next!

Jenny recently spoke to PrideSource and revealed she feels like a transgender person “inside”.

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Comedian Hannibal Buress Slams “Rapist” Bill Cosby In Stand-Up Routine (VIDEO)

Standup comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” writer Hannibal Buress went off on a rant about Bill Cosby, calling him a rapist and hypocrite during his performance in Philadelphia last week.

Buress took aim at Cosby, who seemed to get off scot-free on his rape charges. Most people aren’t even aware of the sexual assaults.

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British Make-Up Artist Splashes Out $150K To Resemble Kim Kardashian: Nailed It?

A British make-up artist named Jordan James Parke is obsessed with reality show star Kim Kardashian and wants to look […]

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