Glee’s Mark Salling Reaches $2.7 Million Settlement With Roxanne Gorzela Over “Sexual Battery”

Glee actor Mark Salling has reportedly reached a $2.7million settlement with a woman named Roxanne Gorzela, who sued him for sexual battery.

Gorzela claimed Salling forced her to have unprotected sex with him in 2011, adding that he pushed her to the ground and injured her knees when she confronted him.

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Pauly Shores’ The Comedy Store Robbed: Hey Buuuudddy…Who Took Our ATM Machine?

Pauly Shore, 47, was robbed late Monday night when thieves targeted his family’s comedy store on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California.

The thieves made off with not only $10,000 inside the ATM, but also took off with the entire ATM machine.

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Rod Stewart’s Son Sean Stewart Arrested For Riding Luggage Carousel

Rod Stewart’s son Sean Stewart was taken into custody after hopping onto the luggage carousel at the airport and riding through a restricted area.

The 34-year-old was at Miami International Airport on his way to Haiti for a charity event wen he decided to take a little ride on the conveyor belt.

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Whoa! Rob Kardashian Posts Instagram Photo: Calling Sister Kim Kardashian A Psycho B*tch?

Wow! There is some serious bad blood between Rob Kardashian and his sister Kim Kardashian, made obvious by the Instagram photo he posted on Sunday.

Rob posted a picture of the manipulative psycho character Amy Dunne from the film Gone Girl, comparing her to his sister Kim.

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Suge Knight Collapses In Court After $25 Million Bail Set: Fake Drama Or Karma? (VIDEO)

Former rap music mogul Marion ‘Suge’ Knight’s collapsed on Friday in a courtroom after a judge ordered him held on $25 million bail in a murder case.

Knight’s attorney ,Matthew Fletcher, tried to reason with the judge to no avail.  Suge then suddenly collapsed and paramedics arrived.

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Jessica Simpson Drunk Or On Something At Teen Vogue Event? (VIDEOS)

We adore Jessica Simpson and her spunky personality, but she seemed a little off at the Teen Vogue fashion event.

She appeared awkward and unable to stand still.  Was she drunk or maybe light-headed from not eating? Check out the videos and see what you think!

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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Aunt Leolah Accuses Pat Houston & Nick Gordon Of Murder?

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt Leolah Brown, singer Bobby Brown’s sister, is accusing both Nick Gordon and Pat Houston of being responsible for her niece’s current medical situation. Bobbi Kristina still remains on life support since being discovered on January 31 unconscious and face-down in a bathtub at her home.

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Buffy Star Nicholas Brendon (Xander) Arrested Again: Wasted & Sharted

Nicholas Brendon has been arrested yet again after another strange incident at a hotel, his third arrest in just five months!

The 43-year-old actor, who played Xander on the Buffy the Vampire series, had appeared at a sci-fi convention in Tallahassee, Florida, damaging a hotel room, struggling to walk, and had urinated and defecated on himself. Sexy!

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Disney Princess Rap Battle: Cinderella (Sarah Michelle Gellar) VS Belle (VIDEO)

Sarah Michelle Gellar, known best for her role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, transforms herself into Cinderella to take on her apparent arch enemy, Princess Belle (Whitney Avalon).

Cinderella and Belle rap it out to determine who is the best princess, with a little adult humor to make it amusing.

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Late Show’s David Letterman Signs Off After 33 Years: See Best Moments (VIDEOS)

David Letterman hosted his final Late Show on Wednesday night, with celebrity guests including Barbara Walters, Jim Carrey, Peyton Manning, […]

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