Ouch! Rapper Andre Johnson’s Penis-Chopping Details!

We cringed to learn of rapper Andre Johnson’s suicide attempt after cutting off his own manhood, but the latest gruesome details are even more shocking.

A source close to the rapper that goes by “Christ Bearer” revealed he was high on PCP, aka Angel Dust, when he went off the deep end. If you think this story can’t get any worse…you are wrong!

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Rapper Andre Johnson Survives Fall, But His Dong Wasn’t So Lucky

Andre Johnson, the rapper that cut off his penis before leaping off a second-floor balcony of his North Hollywood apartment, is in critical condition in the hospital.

Johnson, who raps under the name Christ Bearer, may have survived the fall but doctors were unable to reattach his severed penis.

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“Scandal” Star Columbus Short’s Wife Claims He Threatened To Kill Her

Columbus Short’s wife has filed for divorce after a scary incident with the “Scandal” star.

Short was intoxicated and allegedly threatened to kill his wife Tanee McCall and himself. Crazy!

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Johnny Weir & Victor Voronov Call Off Divorce After Nasty Accusations

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir had a very nasty split from his husband Victor Voronov, lashing out at one another with crazy accusations.

But now the couple have decided to reconcile and call off the divorce, signing legal documents with specific terms for one another.

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Check Out The All-Time Worst Fashion Fails At MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards are on tonight, hosted by the hilarious Conan O’Brien!

We love to see the winners of this fun award’s show, but also love to see the fashions. Let’s check out some of the major fashion fails of the MTV Movie Awards of all time!

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Awkward Family Photos: And You Thought Your Family Was Weird!

We’ve all heard the old adage – “you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family”.

Most of us have some pretty embarrassing family photos from our past, but these awkward family photos take the cake!

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Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair “Slime Green”: See Katy’s Hair Evolution

Katy Perry loves to switch up her look occasionally, but has really outdone herself this time!

The 29-year-old singer showed off her latest hair color, going with “slime green for spring”.

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Justin Bieber Given A Bugatti By Birdman: Just What He Needs!

Justin Bieber has acted like a little brat this past year and now he’s being rewarded with a new Bugatti!

Birdman, the founder of Cash Money Records, gave the teen one of the most expensive and fasted street legal cars in the world.

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