MTV Movie Awards 2014: See Which Stars Are Nominated!

Conan O’Brien recently revealed he will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards on April 12, which will pass out the Golden Popcorn Award to the hottest stars.

The MTV Movie Awards always feature fun categories such as “Best Kiss” and “Best Shirtless Performance”. Let’s see which celebs were nominated this year!

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Doc Brown & Tony Hawk Tease Us With Hoverboard: Real Or Fake? (VIDEO)

Most of us were really excited when we saw a promotional campaign for a “real hoverboard” called the HUVr that was spotted online this morning, with clips featuring celebrity testimonials from Tony Hawk, Billy Zane, and “Back To The Future” star Christopher Lloyd.

But sadly our dreams have been crushed and this is apparently an elaborate hoax meant to promote something. That’s just cruel!

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Celebrities That Look Much Younger Than Their Years!

There are some celebrities that shocked us when we learned their age…in a good way!

Healthy living and keeping active goes a long way to keep you looking younger. Several of these Hollywood stars also have have a youthful attitude. Let’s check out their surprising ages!

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Must See! Viral YouTube Videos As Major Hollywood Movies (VIDEOS)

Have you ever imagined what it would look like if viral YouTube videos were made into Hollywood blockbuster films? Well, we haven’t either but these entertaining videos were re-made with big-time directors and huge Hollywood stars.

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Oscars 2014 Winners List: 86th Academy Awards! (Photos/VIDEOS)

The 86th Academy Awards are finally here, with all the biggest stars showing up for highly-anticipated evening!

The Oscars 2014 are being hosted by the awesome Ellen DeGeneres. Check back with us as we update this evening with the winners!

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Robin Thicke & Miley Cyrus’ Performance “The Twerk That Broke The Camel’s Back”?

We all remember watching the VMAs as Miley Cyrus twerked and touched Robin Thicke’s privates with a foam finger, thinking we’d be pissed if we were his wife.

There were reports Paula Patton confronted Miley backstage, but then Paula later acted fine with the incident.

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Gay Actors In Straight Roles: All Awesome!

Many people seem to have an issue with a gay actor playing a straight person in a television or film role, feeling once they know they are gay it’s hard to take them seriously in the role.

But they seem to have no problem with heterosexual actors playing gay in movies. Tom Hanks, William Hurt, Sean Penn, and Charlize Theron are all straight and were awesome in roles as a homosexual.

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Celebrity Starlets Caught Creeping: Their Shocking Affairs!

Hollywood stars may seem to have it all, but they also make mistakes that are normally made public.

Let’s check out some famous ladies that were caught running around on their man. Starlets caught creeping!

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