Orlando Bloom Tried To Kick Justin Bieber’s A**? (VIDEO)

There have been rumors for quite some time now that model Miranda Kerr might have cheated on her hunky husband, Orlando Bloom, before their split with singer Justin Bieber.

It appears those reports might have a bit of truth to them after Orlando “took a swing” at Justin outside Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, Spain.

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Check Out The List Of Winners From 2014 Young Hollywood Awards!

The 2014 Young Hollywood Awards was held on Sunday in Los Angeles, honoring the year’s biggest achievements in music, movies, sports, television, fashion and more!

Now let’s check out the list of winners!

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Egotistical Celebrities & Their Conceited Quotes

It’s great to be self-confident, especially in the entertainment industry.

But a few of these celebrities appear to think a little too highly of themselves, coming off as cocky. Let’s take a look at some of the most conceited quotes from Hollywood stars.

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Robin Thicke Made A Fool Of Himself For Nothing: Divorce On!

Robin Thicke has publicly humiliated himself by begging and claiming he just “wanted his wife back”, but all the pleading was to no avail.

Robin and Paula have put their marital home on the market and the singer finally realizes his marriage is over.

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Tragic Details Of Peaches Geldolf’s Final Hours Before Heroin Overdose

Peaches Geldof died at the age of 25 in April, with mystery surrounding her sudden passing.

New details are being revealed, which include her baby boy being left alone with her body for up to 15 hours when she died of a heroin overdose.

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Forbes Lists Their 2014 Top Ten Highest Paid Actors!

Hollywood often uses actors that aren’t well known because they are more easily replaced and don’t yet expect a huge payout.

But these actors have proven they are worth the big bucks,with these ten actors making the cut on Forbes’ highest paid actors of 2014 list!

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Kanye West Covers GQ Magazine: Check Out His Craziest Quotes!

Kanye West is either a genius or the village idiot, depending on who you ask.

The rapper appears on the cover of GQ magazine and we have some of his most interesting and plain crazy quotes from his interview.  Let’s just say Yeezy is unintentionally hilarious!

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MTV 2014 Video Music Awards Nominees Announced

MTV has released their list of nominations for the 2014 Video Music Awards and Queen Bey is leading the pack!

Beyonce landed eight nominations, but is followed closely by Eminem and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea with seven nods each.  Let’s check out the nominees!

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Daniele Watts Pulls Fame & Race Card: Detained After Reports Of Public Sex Acts

Daniele Watts, an actress most known for playing CoCo in “Django Unchained”, claimed she was being harassed by police after […]

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Sons Of Guns’ Stephanie Hayden Speaks Out On Molestation By Dad Will Hayden (VIDEO)

Former “Sons of Guns” star Stephanie Hayden Ford has spoken out on her own molestation at the hands of her […]

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