Whaaat? Fans Freaking Out That Beyonce Is Not Flawless? (Photos)

Beyonce’s unretouched photos from her L’Oreal ad campaigns in 2013 hit the Internet this morning and have her fans in a tizzy.

We all realize that even Queen Bey doesn’t “wake up like this”, but we still find it hard to believe famous people have imperfections. Yes, just like the rest of us! The horror!

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Super-Sized Celebrities: Artist David Lopera Makes Celebs Plus Size (Photos)

Most Hollywood stars would be horrified to pack on the pounds, but a Spanish artist named David Lopera has digitally altered these A-list stars and fattened them up.

Lopera wants to show that plus-size women can be beautiful too and hopes to “change people’s mind about beauty standards”.

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It’s Just Not Valentine’s Day Without Awkward Photos: Enjoy!

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day set aside to celebrate love, which is apparently done by buying flowers, chocolates, or diamonds.

Not everyone is into the commercialized part of Valentine’s Day, instead going with a special photo to mark the occasion.  These couples go to show that “Love is Blind”…and obviously can be awkward.

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Hollywood Couples: On-screen Or In Real Life? (QUIZ)

Actors that play a couple on-screen occasionally end up in a romantic relationship.

Sometimes the actors have such great chemistry that we would swear they have dated. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite television and movie couples. Did they date in real life or only “reel life”?

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Do You Know The Real Names Of These Singers? (QUIZ)

We get used to hearing names of people and normally don’t think twice about it being their given name. But many of these singers chose a stage name that either sounds cooler or fits their on-stage persona better.

Try this quiz and let’s find out how many pop star’s names you can guess correctly.

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Find Your Hunky Male Celebrity Valentine Match (QUIZ)

Feeling down in the dumps without a Valentine this year? Look at it this way, you can save money on a gift and buy yourself something special instead.

Try out our little quiz and we will find your male celebrity match for 2015! Please be Channing Tatum!

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Kanye West Needs To Get Over Himself: Rapper Goes On Rant After Grammys (VIDEO)

Most of us found it rather amusing when Kanye West pretended to go up on the stage at the 2015 Grammys last night, after Beck beat out Beyonce for Album of the Year. But that was because we thought it was a joke.

Sadly, Kanye wasn’t poking fun at himself and went off on a rant after the awards ceremony to E! News.

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2015 Grammy Awards: List Of Winners & Performances (VIDEOS)

The 2015 Grammy Awards are being held on Sunday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, hosted by the awesome LL Cool J.

Musicians nominated this year are gathered together to see if they will take home a coveted Grammy Award.

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2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards: See The List Of Winners & Performances (VIDEOS)

The 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards are being hosted by Jamie Foxx, who definitely livened up the award’s show with his […]

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Is Britney Spears Already Engaged To Charlie Ebersol? Sure Looks Like An Engagement Ring!

Britney Spears has only been dating Charlie Ebersol for six months, but recently told People magazine that she would love […]

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