Cameron Diaz Hosts “Saturday Night Live”: See Video Highlights (VIDEOS)

Cameron Diaz was the host of “Saturday Night Live” last night, along with musical guest Bruno Mars.

Cameron starred in several funny sketches and we have all the video highlights from the evening.

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Michael Phelps’ Hook-Up Taylor Lianne Chandler Reveals She Was Born Intersex

Michael Phelps’ self-proclaimed girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler has dropped a bombshell, revealing that she was born Intersex, with male genitalia but also with a uterus and no ovaries.

Chandler, 41, who was born David Roy Fitch, has made the shocking confession. Did Michael Phelps know?

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Chris Hemsworth Named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”: See Our Picks!

Chris Hemsworth has been crowned the 2014 Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine and while we agree he is hot…we also have a few picks of our own.

Australian hunk Hemsworth, was unveiled as the Sexiest Man Alive on Tuesday night during a Skype video call on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

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Singers That Bashed Their Exes In Songs: Heartbreak Hits (VIDEOS)

Most of us find music very healing after a break-up, maybe even more so for these singers and song-writers.

These musical artists channeled their feelings (or grudges and dirty laundry) into songs about their exes.

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Celebrities That Share More Than A Resemblance: See These Lookalikes!

There are some Hollywood stars that bear more than a striking resemblance to one another. They could almost be siblings or even twins!

Let’s take a look at some celebrity dopplegangers that make you feel you are seeing double!

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Paper Magazine’s Kim Kardashian Butt Cover Inspires Hilarious Memes!

Kim Kardashian displayed her ample derriere on the cover of Paper magazine, but may not have received the reaction she wanted.

Hilarious memes of Kim K’s NSFW photo shoot were posted online just hours after the reality star debuted her photo meant to “break the internet”. Check out these amusing memes showing Kim as the butt of the joke!

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Happy Veterans Day!: Check Out These Stars That Served In The Military!

It’s Veterans Day and we’d like to thank all of the veterans that served the United States in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard.

Today we are going to take a look back at Hollywood stars that served our country in the military that you might not know about!

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British Make-Up Artist Splashes Out $150K To Resemble Kim Kardashian: Nailed It?

A British make-up artist named Jordan James Parke is obsessed with reality show star Kim Kardashian and wants to look […]

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