Celebrities That Are Older Than You Think (Or They Look)

We all know taking care of ourselves mentally and physically will help us look and feel good no matter the age.

These celebrities have either discovered the fountain of youth, have great genes, or live a healthy lifestyle. They truly look much younger than their actual age.

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Celebrities That Look Like Popular Disney Movie Characters (Photos)

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Disney characters would look like in real life?

We think we’ve located their celebrity doppelgangers! These Hollywood stars bear uncanny resemblances to popular Disney cartoon characters. Maybe they were inspired by these celebs?

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Hollywood Stars That Have Songs Written About Them

Most people would be honored to have a song written about them, but cross a singer/songwriter and they may “Taylor Swift” you in a heartbeat.

Check out these popular songs that were inspired by celebrities, either from feuds or romances.

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Blake Shelton Hosts Saturday Night Live: See His Best Moments (VIDEO)

Country star and The Voice judge Blake Shelton hosted Saturday Night Live last night, playing a slew of characters.

Shelton’s monologue featured him taking part in a Hee-Haw-style jamboree.  Check out the best videos from last night’s show.

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Celebrity Couples That Went From Break-Up & To Make-Up

Some Hollywood couples appear to have roller coaster romances, splitting up and later getting back together.

We are taking a look at celebrity couples that have been off/on, before appearing to have a happy ending.

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Hollywood Stars That Missed Out On Big Roles

It is strange to even imagine these movie roles being played by anyone else, but we have a list of onscreen performances that could have turned out much differently.

Let’s check out these popular movie roles that stars either turned down or simply went to another actor.

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Ouch! Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad Hilariously Spoofed By SNL (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein campaign has been the subject of much debate, with many believing he had a little help from Photoshop – something he and his team deny.

SNL took on the controversy in a hilarious skit last night, with Kate McKinnon reprising her role as Justin Bieber.

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Academy Awards 2015 Oscar Nominations Announced!

The Academy Award aka Oscar nominees 2015 were announced on Thursday morning, with Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel tied for the most Oscar nominations with nine nods a piece.

The announcements became more interesting this morning, when Cheryl Boone Isaacs stated the nominee for Best Cinematography went to “Dick Poop” instead of Dick Pope. See video of the gaffe here!

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