Carson Daly Reveals He’s Expecting His Third Child (VIDEO)

Carson Daly and his fiancee, Siri Pinter, are expecting their third child.

“The Voice” host and “Today Show” correspondent announced his good news on “The Tonight Show”.

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GWAR’s Dave Brockie “Oderus Urungus” Found Dead At 50 (VIDEO)

The founder and frontman for the heavy metal band GWAR, who performed under the name of Oderus Urungus, was found dead in his Virginia home on Sunday.

Dave Brockie, 50, was found inside his Richmond home shortly before 7 p.m. sitting upright in a chair.

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McFly’s Tom Fletcher Creates Sweet Time Lapse Video Of Wife’s Pregnancy (VIDEO)

Tom Fletcher, the lead singer of the popular British band McFly, recorded a cute time-lapse video of his wife Giovanna’s  pregnancy.

The video shows the baby growing in her belly, set to an original song called “Something New”.  Really sweet!

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Kevin Bacon’s Still Got It! Check Out His “Footloose” Performance! (VIDEO)

Kevin Bacon, 55, celebrated the anniversary of his awesome 1984 movie “Footloose” with an epic dance number when he appeared on the “Tonight Show” on Friday.

Jimmy Fallon informed the audience that dancing had been outlawed, before Bacon was shown to reenact his popular movie scene. Love it!

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Giuliana Rancic Recalls Interview With “Mean” Russell Crowe (VIDEO)

As an E! co-host, Giuliana Rancic has sat down to interview some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Giuliana revealed on “What What Happens Live” that Russell Crowe was her toughest interview because he was so rude.

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Johnny Weir Claims He Was Abused By Husband (VIDEO)

Johnny Weir has opened up about his split from his husband, claiming during a television interview that he was abusing him.

Weird aired his dirty laundry, stating he was going through “personal hell” while he worked as a commentator for the Olympics.

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Preacher Of Hate Fred Phelps Of Westboro Baptist Dead At 84 (VIDEO)

Fred Phelps, who founded the hateful Westboro Baptist Church known for its anti-gay sentiments and protests at soldiers’ funerals, has died at 84.

Phelps died of natural causes in Kansas at 11:15 p.m. on Wednesday night at Midland Hospice in Topeka.

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Lena Dunham Makes Jimmy Fallon Squirm On “The Tonight Show” (VIDEOS)

Lena Dunham appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, obviously making him uncomfortable when she shared that her mother always thought she would marry him.

Fallon seemed adorably embarrassed by her comments. Lena and Jimmy also played the game “Pyramid” against the host.

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Kate Major Ordered To Rehab After DUI Arrest: See Arrest Video!

Michael Lohan either surrounds himself with crazy women or makes them nuts! His off/on girlfriend Kate Major was recently arrested for DUI, telling police he tried to kill her.

Major was ordered by a judge to check into rehab immediately and will also be fitted with an ankle monitor.

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