Jeremy Renner & Chris Evans Call Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow Character A “Slut” & “Whore” (VIDEO)

Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner are promoting their film,“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and had some rather interesting things to say about Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character.

The interviewer asked about fans wanting Black Widow to hook up with one of their characters, with the actors joking that Black Widow is a “slut” and a “whore”.  Obviously they are joking around, but have now issued an apology. So silly!

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Harry Potter Star Alan Rickman (Severus Snape) Married Longtime Love Rima Horton

Harry Potter star Alan Rickman, 69, tied the knot with Rima Horton, who he has been dating since they met as teenagers in the 1960s.

Rickman and Horton tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in New York recently.

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Big Sean Dumped Ariana Grande For Being “Immature & Selfish”

Ariana Grande and Big Sean split up weeks ago after just eight months of dating.

Big Sean, 27, reportedly ended the relationship because he felt Ariana was too immature, with a source claiming that the rapper thought Grande’s flirty performance with Justin Bieber was meant to hurt him.

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Bruce Jenner Spotted Wearing Striped Dress Outside Malibu Home Ahead Of Interview (VIDEO)

Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner was spotted wearing a sports bra while riding his Harley emerged Monday, leading many to assume he may have already had breast augmentation surgery.

Now just ahead of his highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer, the reality star was photographed in a black-and-white striped maxi dress outside of his Malibu home.

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Robert Downey Jr. Walks Out Of Interview Over Personal Questions: Clearly Upset (VIDEO)

We adore Robert Downey Jr., not only because he is super hot but seems like such a nice guy.

He has been through tough times in his past that he has overcome, but you could see him getting emotional when an interviewer pressured him about his past drug and alcohol abuse and his relationship with his father. It’s sad to watch.

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Amy Schumer Shows Letterman Her Vajajay (Kinda) & Pranks Kimye (VIDEOS)

Amy Schumer is a raunchy and inappropriate comedienne and that’s what we love about her.

Schumer appeared on Letterman and showed the audience and everyone at home her “vagina”, which actually was just a surfing scar.

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Mila Kunis A Chicken Thief? Woman Suing Actress For Theft From 25 Years Ago (VIDEOS)

Mila Kunis is being sued by a Ukrainian aspiring singer who claims the Hollywood actress ‘stole her pet chicken’ 25 years ago.

Now that’s not something you hear everyday. Is Mila really a poultry poacher? Mila Kunis hilariously responds in new video!

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Sandra Bullock Named World’s Most Beautiful Woman 2015 By People: Great Choice!

Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock was named the world’s most beautiful woman in 2015 by People magazine.

The self-deprecating actress laughed about the title, telling the publication, “No, really. I just said, ‘That’s ridiculous'”.  That’s one of the reasons we adore her, plus her wicked sense of humor.

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Judge Declares Sherri Shepherd Is Legal Mother Of Child Born Via Surrogate: Nasty Divorce Battle

Sherri Shepherd previously said she wanted nothing to do with the child that was born via a surrogate with her estranged husband, Lamar Sally, in August.

But a judge in Pennsylvania ruled that Sherri Shepherd, 47, was to be listed as the mother on the birth certificate of the child. The couple have been battling for months over the issue because she claims the egg was not hers.

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Highlights From The White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Obama Joined By Jordan Peele (VIDEOS)

The 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held last night, with President Obama joking about his “bucket list” (or something […]

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Bruce Jenner’s Full Interview With Diane Sawyer (VIDEO): Celebs Show Their Support

The highly-anticipated interview with Bruce Jenner aired on Friday at 9 p.m. on ABC with Diane Sawyer. In case you missed […]

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Check Out The List Of Winners At The 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards (VIDEO Highlights)

Who was the big winner at the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards, hosted by Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan? […]

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Bobby Brown Shocks Dallas Crowd Saturday Night: Says Bobbi Kristina “Is Awake” (VIDEO)

Bobby Brown’s daughter with the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, has been in a medically induced coma since being […]

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