Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony are being sued by Lisa Wilson.

Jennifer Lopez is being sued for $10 million after her dog bit a flight attendant. Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, were on board a private jet when the incident happened. They were served by the attendant when their dog bit the woman.

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Kate Middleton is working in her parents’ business.

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s steady, has been accused of waiting around and doing nothing while waiting for Prince William to propose to her. There were rumors that the Queen was concerned over her image and had asked Prince Charles to get a charity organization job for Kate Middleton.

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Jude Law promotes “The Day After Peace” and International Day of Peace.

Jude Law (R) and Prince Charles.

Jude Law was in Afghanistan to talk about peace. Five children were killed in two separate incidents recently and Jude Law spoke on the need for peace.

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