Hotdog Eating Contest Winner Joey Chestnut Proposes (VIDEO)


1x1.trans Hotdog Eating Contest Winner Joey Chestnut Proposes (VIDEO)

The winner of the famous Nathan’s hotdog eating contest proved he loves more than hotdogs, getting down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend just before the big contest. She said yes!

Joey Chestnut, who has now won the Coney Island, New York, contest eight times, surprised his girlfriend Neslie Ricasa by asking her to marry him just moments before the men’s division started.

Neslie accepted his proposal and Joey went on to cram down 61 hotdogs in 10 mintues.

Chestnut, 28, who lives in San Jose, California, makes an estimated $200,000 a year from eating contests. He has gained fame around the world for being able to scoff down foods ranging from boiled eggs to Twinkies.

Joey, who weighs 230 pounds, said that his girlfriend has always supported him at food-eating contests.

1x1.trans Hotdog Eating Contest Winner Joey Chestnut Proposes (VIDEO)

He said Ricasa stands in the front row, yelling, “Don’t get lazy! You’re getting lazy! She enjoys yelling at me”.

It appears Joey is a big winner or “wiener” both with eating and in love. Congrats to the happy couple on their engagement!

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