Dance Moms Season 4 Around The Corner

1x1.trans Dance Moms Season 4 Around The Corner

Dance Mom fanatics, mark your calendars – season 4 is just around the corner! Get your DVR’s ready, Dance Moms airs January 1st, new years day 9 EST / 8 Central.

The earlier seasons of “Dance Moms” focused on the tyrannical instructor, Abby Lee Miller, and the mothers supporting their girls. But tension has been building and the women have been at each other’s throats. In fact, a fight between Christi and Leslie became physical after a couple drinks in New Orleans!

The entertainment world is a cut-throat industry and the young girls need to be competitive, but their mothers shouldn’t try to live their own dancing dreams vicariously through their daughters. That’s not healthy for anyone!

“Dance Moms” Season 4 will show dance teacher Abby hitting the road, holding open auditions for new elite young dancers. There’s a possibility there will be new dancers and their mothers on the show. Let’s just hope the original moms and daughters we’ve watched the past few seasons return!

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