Patrons In A New York Coffee Shop Freak Out During “Carrie” Prank (VIDEO)


New York coffee shop patrons get a scare

Coffee-loving patrons in a New York coffee shop got more than a cup of java on their coffee run.

An “angry” customer uses her telekinetic powers after a man accidentally spills coffee on her laptop. Check out the crazy reactions in this “Carrie” prank promo.

New Yorkers are used to seeing lots of craziness but few have witnessed telekinesis!

Customers were grabbing a caffeine fix when a young woman gets angry over spilled coffee and goes nuts.

New York coffee shop patrons get a scare

The woman uses her “powers of telekinesis” to throw a man up against a brick wall and screams bloody-murder as books seem to throw themselves off the shelves.

The stunt or “prankvertising” was a clever marketing tool to drum up buzz for the upcoming “Carrie” remake, which stars Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore.

A hidden camera catches the hilarious reactions of customers as they star in horror and disbelief.

The prank video then cuts to a quick glimpse of the new “Carrie” movie. Do you think it looks good? We do!

The promo prank was posted on YouTube Monday and the video has already racked up nearly 4 million hits.

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Images: YouTube