Kelly Ripa’s Psychiatric Disorder Causing Rift In Marriage?

1x1.trans Kelly Ripas Psychiatric Disorder Causing Rift In Marriage?

Kelly Ripa, the cute and perky host of “Live!”, struggles with a psychiatric disorder called misophonia, which causes her great stress (and anger) to hear certain sounds.

Ripa’s marriage is reportedly being strained by her disorder.

Kelly Ripa, 42, is having issues in her marriage due to her odd neurological disorder.

Ripa’s mosophonia causes her to freak out over the sounds of people chewing and swollowing.

The sounds of her family eating make her “insane”, causing her to fly into a rage.

Her husband, hunky soap star Mark Consuelos, is trying his best to deal with the problem but it’s causing a rift in the family.

An insider said, “Kelly says that her anxiety level increases considerably when she’s exposed to certain sounds. Her condition is getting worse and she’s prone to sudden reactions of intense anger and annoyance, usually triggered by a noise made by Mark or somebody close by.

“It may sound funny but it’s not! Kelly can become enraged at anyone for something as simple as chewing with their mouth open. Mark has to remain calm and explain to the people that Kelly isn’t really mad at them. It’s something she just can’t control, but it’s led to yelling and screaming…and tears”.

Kelly Ripa admits she’s battled the disorder since she was a child. She told ABC’s “20/20″, “As early as I can remember, certain sounds of eating really bothered me.”

Sadly, things haven’t improved over the years and quiet dinners with her family end in disaster.

Kelly said of her 42-year-old hubby Mark, and their children — Michael, 16, Lola, 12, and Joaquin, 10, “If one of them is chomping, slurping, gulping, or ever swallowing too loudly my gut reaction is to yell, but I control that. If my husband eats a peach, I have to leave the room”.

Misophonia is a rare disorder that literally means “hatred of sound”.

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