Trash Talkin’ Tuesday

1x1.trans Trash Talkin Tuesday

Gisele Bundchen Shares Thoughts on Imperfections [The Frisky]

Jesse Eisenberg Plays His Jerk Card? [HollyWire]

Snooki Clashes with Governor [Right Celebrity]

Beyonce Pissed that a Fan Slapped her Butt [The Celebrity Cafe]

Olivia Wilde Goes Paddleboarding [The Blemish]

Denise Richards Wows in White Bikini [The Huffington Post]

Tony Kanaan Wins Indy 500 [PopCrunch]

Kate Upton Back with Victoria’s Secret [CeleBitchy]

Patrick Dempsey Gets Frisky with Wife [Hollywood Back Wash]

Kelly Osbourne Wants Kids But Fears Vaginal Birth [Daily Stab]

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