What Happened To Marilyn Manson? Singer Collapses On Stage (VIDEO)

1x1.trans What Happened To Marilyn Manson? Singer Collapses On Stage (VIDEO)

UPDATE! Fans are wondering what’s wrong with Marilyn Manson after he collapsed during a live show in Saskatoon, Canada.

Manson was performing his song “”Beautiful People” when he keeled over and appeared unconscious.


Singer Marilyn Manson fell ill just with the flu hours before his Saskatoon show but refused to call off the gig.

He vomited on stage several times before collapsing. Manson didn’t go to the hospital and just returned to his hotel room to rest up.

The singer still hopes to perform in Calgary on Friday night

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Marilyn Manson fans are wondering if the singer just has a nasty case of the flu or if it’s drug-related. Still others guess The Illuminati put a hit out on him for his lyrics about them.

In the Youtube video footage of Marilyn’s collapse, the 44-year-old is seen performing an encore of “Beautiful People”. In just a couple of minutes the singer reportedly vomited and collapsed.

Manson, known for his crazy stage antics, didn’t get his band’s attention as they continued playing. But, they quickly realized it wasn’t part of the show.

Twtter users described the confusion as Manson fell on stage:

@HannahFranson tweeted a summary of the incident, writing, “Wow good way for a concert to end. Manson falls down, pukes, then gets dragged off stage. #SayNoToDrugsPeople.'”

Manson reportedly mentioned midway through the show that he wasn’t feeling well and some fans assumed he had the flu. There were unconfirmed reports of Manson vomiting on stage.

Marilyn Manson is scheduled to play Calgary on Friday.

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